Lacy AndersonI started business coaching because everything about it feels genuine to me. Business interests me, business owners inspire me and I personally thrive in helping others. I have spent most of my life actively involved, in some way, with small businesses; from a very young teen office assistant/bookkeeper to lead project manager of start-ups and build-outs; management, strategizing, systems and process development, consulting and small business ownership. But what makes me an effective business coach? My Vision, Values and Purpose Coaching clients thru a life altering journey and helping them implement EMyth principles that will live and thrive in their business is my passion. Identifying and applying my own vision, values and purpose provided me a clear roadmap to make conscious and intent decisions in my own life and coaching practice.

So it is my joy and pleasure to inspire and guide others to discover who they are, what they want and how they are going to get there.  With this clarity comes more life, more time, less frustrations and the freedom of mind to work on your business, not just in it. So, you could say that my vision and values inspire my purpose…. which drives my passion to help my clients.

I care Learning, understanding and living out EMyth principles is what empowers me to effectively coach a business. But caring about the outcome of my clients’ success story is what defines my coaching.

I get it Are you so busy making a living that you’ve forgotten to make a life?  I understand how consuming your business can be because I’ve been there. And I am here to say, your business can serve your life.


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