Bill Konves EMyth CoachAfter 18+ years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, 12 of which were in executive marketing roles, I struck out on my own buying businesses and executing successful rebranding, turnaround and growth strategies. As a certified marketing consultant, my passion for increasing profitability, efficiency, margins and customer through the use of marketing systems is the driving force behind everything I do with my clients satisfaction.

During my corporate career, I was a key influencer in revenue growth at retail and financial services companies including GE Money, Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, Pep Boys, Gap, Banana Republic, Alliance Data Systems, Wachovia Bank and Kohl’s. I progressed from Market Analyst to Marketing Director and VP of Client Strategy and Marketing. My personal business ventures have ranged from retail and food services to construction and real estate.

As a corporate executive, entrepreneur and principal investor, my “full circle of experience” affords me a wealth of expertise that I am happy to share wherever it’s needed:

Business ♦ Finance ♦ Operations:

✔ I’ve built corporate departments, opened new offices, hired/trained top talent, ran a $4MM company, held full P&L ownership and purchased, exited and sold businesses.

Marketing ♦ Branding ♦ Product Development:

✔ I’ve created dozens of print, online, digital and social media marketing campaigns, conceived and launched groundbreaking products and penetrated niche markets.

Business Development ♦ Client/Account Management:

✔ I’ve captured key accounts, including Kohl’s (a former employer), and established best-in-class customer service and customer loyalty programs.

In my spare time, I enjoy coaching my kids’ basketball, football and soccer teams.

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